Fat Cat Art

She Took Famous Paintings, Added Her Fat Cat In, And Made Them Even Better!

TAKING EXISTING ARTWORKS AND ADDING stuff in is a pretty worthy past-time. It's interesting, it's fun, and you get to see what paintings would have...
Royal Flush Super Slide

This Massive Royal Flush Waterslide Just Put Your Entire Summer Vacation To Shame

THERE ARE A MILLION THINGS you can do this summer, many of which probably include dousing yourself with a cool stream of fresh water. But...
Thrift Store Mario Painting

He Bought Some Thrift Store Art. And Painted Your Favorite Characters In. The Results Will Astound You.

SO NORMALLY WHEN PEOPLE go to the Thrift Store to buy second-hand paintings, their purpose is to get some artwork to beautify their walls...
Scary Sleeping Capsule Hotel

These Clear Capsule Hotels Hang 400 Feet Above Peru. And You’ll Need To Risk Your Life To Use Them

SO YOU HAVE SOME EXTRA cash and lives to spare? Then the next place you might want to add to your bucket list is...
Amazing Lion Sculptures

10 Creative & Famous Lion Sculptures Made Using Unbelievable Materials

THEY'RE KNOWN AS THE KINGS OF THE JUNGLE. And for good reason. Lions are truly majestic creatures. And you don't even have to get...