The Most Amazing Font Designer

IN THE PAST MONTH ALONE, he’s been called Leb Sebster, Les Lester, Seth Lester and Dear Mr Lebster. Maybe it’s because his name is confusing. And easily mistakable for one of a million other combinations. But one thing is totally unmistakable… and that’s… his skill with a pen.

Because apart from being an artist and designer, Seb Lester is also a calligraphic hero. And he’s so good, that he can recreate just about any font using a pen and his bare hands. Live in front of you.

It’s that superpower that every designer and typographer has dreamed of, and when you see the skill and precision with which he carries it out, it’ll make you wonder what the pen is actually capable of.

Here’s a small taste of some of his font super powers…

The Coca-Cola one was really cool.

Just doodle it!

And here’s your favorite search engine.

This seems rather popular lately…

And he just wants to tell you this for watching.

If you enjoyed Seb’s work and you want to see more, check out his Instagram page. It’s chalk full of calligraphic brilliance.

No worries. You won’t see any of these fonts on his page…