IF YOU LIKE GETTING A CUP OF COFFEE in the morning just to give you that extra kick, and a little bit of energy to start the day, then you’ll love these creative coffee latte art designs.

In fact, these designs are so stunning, that you’ll probably get a bit of extra energy just by looking at them. No caffeine necessary.

So, here are some great designs to start your day as a creative professional…

(P.S. When you reach the end of this list, there’s a few surprises waiting for you…)

(P.P.S. The stop-motion coffee art animation in the video above took three whole days and a whopping 1,000 cups of latte to complete!)

#000. Giraffe Latte Art



(via Pinterest)

#001. Circled Floral Pattern Coffee



Circle Floral Patterned Latte Art
(via LiveSolutions)

#002. Sailing Yacht Latte



Sailing Yacht Latte
(via eSquaredFashion)

#003. Creative Rosetta Coffee



Creative Rosetta Coffee
(via Thats Weird)