10 Creative Art Lover Gifts That Will Blow Their Artistic Minds!

10 CREATIVE Art Lover Gifts That Would Amaze Even Van Gogh

SO YOU RECOGNIZE THAT THE ARTIST is a different creature altogether. One that is both inspirational and creative. And that looks for higher levels...
5 Creative Illustrated Tumblr Blogs

5 Incredible Illustrated Tumblrs That Will Change The Way You See The World

There are a lot of great, illustration-themed Tumblr blogs out there. But most of them are all quite similar. Not too many follow a unique...
Scary Sleeping Capsule Hotel

These Clear Capsule Hotels Hang 400 Feet Above Peru. And You’ll Need To Risk Your Life To Use Them

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Jimmy The Bull Dog Photo Art

The Emptiness He Felt Was Indescribable, Until His Beloved Dog Inspired Him To Create These

When Rafael Mantesso's wife left him, she took the cookware, photos, furniture, decorations. He was left all alone in an empty white apartment, with his best friend,...
Thrift Store Mario Painting

He Bought Some Thrift Store Art. And Painted Your Favorite Characters In. The Results Will Astound You.

SO NORMALLY WHEN PEOPLE go to the Thrift Store to buy second-hand paintings, their purpose is to get some artwork to beautify their walls...