Fat Cat Art

She Took Famous Paintings, Added Her Fat Cat In, And Made Them Even Better!

TAKING EXISTING ARTWORKS AND ADDING stuff in is a pretty worthy past-time. It's interesting, it's fun, and you get to see what paintings would have...
Dollar Bill Art

They Managed To Create This One Dollar Bill Art Without Getting Caught And Put To Jail

WHEN ARTISTS GET BORED, they start to draw and color. And when they get bored with the way a dollar bill looks, they start...
How To Become A Cat

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Cat? Simple Illustrated Steps On How YOU Can Become A Furry Feline

THE OTHER DAY WE TALKED ABOUT what your pet would look like if it were human. And it's pretty cool to know. But what...
Scary Sleeping Capsule Hotel

These Clear Capsule Hotels Hang 400 Feet Above Peru. And You’ll Need To Risk Your Life To Use Them

SO YOU HAVE SOME EXTRA cash and lives to spare? Then the next place you might want to add to your bucket list is...
iHeart Street Art

This Social Media-Inspired Street Art Will Make You Smile Quietly To Yourself And Shake Your Head In Dismay

IF YOU THOUGHT THAT our social media obsessed world can get a little silly at times (maybe not just a little), you're not alone....