IT’S SOMEWHAT SURPRISING TO NOTE THAT whatever you want done, there always seems to be an app for it. But did you know that… there’s a case for that too? It’s true.

Most people think of their iPhone cases simply as rugged little things that protect their phones, while making them look cool at the same time.

But once you reach the end of this list, you’ll likely find cases for whatever you’re planning to do, from measuring your house to protecting yourself from a speeding bullet. And if you don’t, perhaps you’ll be inspired to make one that does exactly what you want…


#001. Relive your childhood marine biologist dreams…

Marine Biologist Isopod iPhone Case | 154 Best Cool & Creative iPhone Cases
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… or your worst nightmares. Shock anyone and everyone around you with this limited edition Isopod iPhone case. That is probably the most scary case you’ve ever seen. The perfect gift for that friend of yours who’s a marine biologist.


#002. This roadster case lets you store things too.

Roadster Storage iPhone Case | 154 Best Cool & Creative iPhone Cases Unique

This looks like a sleek sports car, and allows you to store stuff in the trunk. But it’s actually just an iPhone case. Aww…


#003. Can’t seem to stay away from the water?

Waterproof iPhone Case | 154 Best Cool & Creative iPhone Cases Unique

If you are the type of person who likes going swimming a lot, or you just enjoy using your iPhone next to very wet places, then this waterproof iPhone Case might be the right accessory for you…